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One-touch guide for advanced dog walking
Walking becomes a big adventure for your dog every time. However, it can be very stressful for you: bypassing aggressive pets and preventing your curious four-legged friend from eating suspicious substances from the ground. Petsensus will help you to avoid these troubles. Enjoy a walk with your pet using our service!

Three good reasons to join Petsensus today
Donate food to animal shelters just by walking your dog daily with our app. The more you walk, the more food Petsensus donates.
Create your own pack by gathering people with whom you share the same dog-related interests to stay in touch on the daily basis.
Daily tips
Receive useful tips related to the day-to-day dog care. They will be customized specially for your dog according to its breed and age.
Enjoy daily walks in a new way
Join the community
Help to create a safe and interesting walk for your pet. Let other dog owners of Seattle know when you go out with your furry friend. Maybe other pet owners would like to join you!
Meet your neighbors
Find out who is walking near you: are those dogs big or small, what gender, are they friendly or not? The map shows the location of other users who are on a walk near you. Choose to join them or not.
Track daily
dog's activity
Receive personalized recommendations on how many miles is better to walk for your breed and monitor your progress over time.
Report about dangers
Saw a pack of stray dogs? Is there any suspicious food on the ground? Or maybe you spotted a couple of very deep puddles? Mark dangers on the map and help other pet owners to avoid them.
Find pet-related services nearby
Easily locate the nearest pet shops, veterinary clinics and grooming salons in case of any emergency or a planned visit.
Receive bonuses for your dog
Receive nice gifts and special offers from our local partners for achieving goals in challenges and sharing the app across your community.
Safe walk with Petsensus
As a company, it is our responsibility to promptly address the main challenges the world is facing at the moment. Therefore, we want to introduce our users with the Anti-COVID features: The app will analyze how many dog owners are on the walk nearby and highlight the areas with high people traffic. Also, before and after the walk, dog owners will get Covid-19 safety reminders that will help them to protect themselves and their dogs from the possibility of getting a virus.
Our users love us
Irena with Sam
My dog Sam is very friendly and social, he likes to play around with other dogs. Petsensus helped us to find new friends and connect with the old one's. The app also helps to find out what dogs are already on the walk.
Veronica with Bax
Recently, we moved from another city with a dog and still don't know much about our neighborhood. It is a great help that Petsensus shows nearest pet shops and veterinaries. Now I know better where should I take my pup in case of emergency.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
In Petsensus, we truly believe that everybody deserves equal opportunities and respect. In our communication with partners and users, we don't allow any sort of discrimination. We treat any group of people with the same level of respect because our main goal is to unite people around their love for the dogs.
Meet our team
We work hard every day to provide the best pet-care service and make this world a better place for the dogs
Kostiantyn Bihus
CEO, Co-founder
Maryna Petrychenko
COO, Co-founder
Olha Ladiukova
UI/UX and product designer
Kateryna Kolesnyk
Marketing lead
Warren Rickard
Head of Partnerships
Member of the Board of Directors PETCO Foundation
Erin Chu, DMV, PhD
Veterinary Team Lead
Senior Veterinary Geneticist Embark Veterinary Inc.
Anna Skaya
CEO & Founder BasePaws
E-commerce & Advertising Guru
Liene Dindonis, DVM
Experienced veterinarian & consultant. Richland Animal Hospital
Let's bring new experience and joy to the daily dog walks.
Together we can everything. Every user matters.
Join our community to make this world a better place for our beloved pets.
Our app will be ready soon, don't miss the launch!
We will get in touch with you as soon as the app is live!
Submitting the form is completely free. Just try new awesome app for more enjoyable walking with your four-legged friend.
Our app will be ready soon, don't miss the launch!
We will get in touch with you as soon as the app is live!
Submitting the form is completely free. Just try new awesome app for more enjoyable walking with your four-legged friend.
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