Advice for
Small Dogs
e.g. Dachshund, Jack Russell Terrier,
Pug, Pomeranian Dog, Chihuahua etc.
Small breed dogs are not just really cute, but also very delicate, which means you have to pay close attention to keep them safe. Here's a couple of interesting facts to keep in mind to take great care of your loved one.

• Maintain a good dental routine. Small dogs are more likely to develop dental disease as a result of having a more crowded mouth and being more likely to have misaligned teeth. Brush your dog's teeth several times per week and consider using dental chews.

• Use food appropriate for small breed dogs. Small dogs usually have a very high metabolic rate, which means they need more food to lead a happy, healthy lifestyle. Small breed dog food typically has higher caloric content.


• Prevent your dog from jumping up and down from couches and other elevated surfaces such as tables, car trunks and seats. This type of impact can cause irreversible damage to the joints and ligaments of small dogs. Instead, use doggie stairs and place a big pillow next to the couch and other surfaces to avoid injury.

Dot not use a regular leash and collar. Smaller dogs are especially prone to strain to the neck and head, difficulty breathing, a wheezing cough, exercise intolerance and other issues. Keep your dog happy and healthy by using a harness instead.

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