Advice for
Medium Dogs
e.g. Border Collie, Beagle, Bulldogge,
Airedale Terrier, Pit Bull, etc.
Did you know medium size dogs such as yours are actually less likely to have health issues than small, large and giant size dogs. That being said, there are still important things to look out for.

Maintain a good dental routine. More than 80% of dogs above the age of three have dental disease, almost no dog owner is aware of this. Brush your dog's teeth several times per week and consider using dental chews.

Use food appropriate for medium size dogs. Metabolic rates generally vary with dog size, which means they require appropriate food and portion sizes to lead a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Dot not use a regular leash and collar. Medium and small size dogs are especially prone to strain to the neck and head, difficulty breathing, a wheezing cough, exercise intolerance and other issues. Keep your dog happy and healthy by using a harness instead.
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