Being a great pet parent should be easy & accessible.

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Happier, healthier
and longer-living pets!
PetSensus is building an app that provides each pet owner with a personalized, science-based approach to pet care.

We're leveraging technology to empower pet owners to become proactive care-takers, all the while making care intuitive and easy.

Let's improve our loved ones' lives together.
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What is PetSensus?

A free app that makes personalized care easy and accessible to all

A personalized guide: Nutrition, Activity, Health & Care
Personalized product suggestions
Health monitoring & check-ups
Smart health monitoring tools
Everything pet care in one place

Using the power of technology
Powered by deep veterinary knowledge
Image processing tools that keep your pet's health in check
Linking all of your pet's data together for deeper insights.
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Martin Razuks-Ebels
Deep-tech entrepreneur
& business consultant
BSc Stockholm School of Economics
Maryna Petrychenko
Deep-tech entrepreneur
& Financial Analyst
MBA Finance & Management
Anete Freiberga, DVM
Veterinary Team Lead
LLU VMF Clinical Institute
Anete Kalpinova
Veterinarian, Consultant
FCI certified dog breeder
Maxim Fomchenkov
Head of Design
UI/UX & product designer
Roberts Greibers
Software Engineer
API & infrastructure developer
Julija Trescenko
Software Engineer
Web, interface & chatbot developer
Aivis Kleshs
Software Engineer
Web developer
Warren Rickard
Member of Board of Directors
PETCO Foundation
Animal health entrepreneur
Erin Chu, DVM, PhD
Senior Veterinary Geneticist
Embark Veterinary, Inc.
Animal Genetics Expert
Liene Dindonis, DVM
Experienced veterinarian & consultant
Richland Animal Hospital
Anna Skaya
CEO & Founder at BasePaws
E-commerce & Advertising Guru
Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD
Founder and CEO at Insilico Medicine,
AI for drug discovery & longevity expert
Emil Syundyukov
MedTech R&D lead,
GapSummit Leader of Tomorrow
PhD Candidate
Garri Zmudze
CEO at Longenesis
Early blockchain & longevity tech investor
Sergey Jakimov
Venture Tech Entrepreneur
Intellectual Property Expert
LLM Law & Finance
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